Comprehensive Dentistry

Murfreesboro Comprehensive Family Dentistry

For the good people of Murfreesboro in Rutherford County, TN, a “comprehensive dentist” can have a lot of meanings. Dr. Kaitlyn Starbody, Dr. Michael Starbody, and the staff at their office know that in order to be truly comprehensive, a dental practice should offer the following:                                                    

  • Preventative care, such as dental health screenings, examinations, protective treatments, early dental alignment consultation for children, advice on how to care for your teeth every day while at home, and more.
  • Restorative care, ranging from fillings to bondings. Damage to your teeth should be addressed as soon as possible if you want the best chance at stopping it before it gets worse. With our restorative services, our goal is to put your teeth back into the right shape to look and feel their best.
  • Therapy that can address common concerns associated with dentistry, including sedation therapy for dental anxiety, and TMJ therapy for patients who feel discomfort when talking or eating due to pain in their jaw. The field of dental medicine covers many areas beyond just the health of your teeth, and comprehensive dentistry should take those subjects into account.                                                      
  • Long-term care and plans for both teenagers and adults. With long-term planning, you may be able to give your entire smile a makeover or prevent serious tooth misalignment that can occur over time. Options like Invisalign and plans for long-term care and examination can all help you to keep your dental health in top condition.

Comprehensive dentistry means, above all other things, being there when patients need you. Murfreesboro 37129 family dentists Dr. Thompson and Dr. Kaitlyn and Michael Starbody have been in the field of dentistry for quite some time, and know that both individuals and their families need dental care that will be there to provide them with answers, relief from pain, and even emergency care if a situation should arise.

Some dentists think of comprehensive dentistry as the list of services that they provide, but truly comprehensive dentistry means looking at the total dental health of a patient and offering solutions for both present and future conditions. It means working closely with families who all have their own individual dental needs, and having the patience and focus to provide them with uniquely appropriate solutions for their dental needs.

A Family Dentist You Can Rely On

For all of your needs, and for any dental needs that your family may have, Drs. Michael and Kaitlyn Starbody are here to help. As one of the very best dentists in the 37129 area of Tennessee, our office has built a reputation for providing comprehensive, effective solutions for patients of every age and dental health background.

If you’re looking for a dentist that can last a lifetime, contact our offices and schedule an examination today. We’ll provide you with more information on our current services, the very latest procedures and technology that we use here in the office, and why you should choose us as your primary dental health care provider. If you’re ready for a better smile, we’re here for you.

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