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Smile care

We offer a full menu of personalized dental solutions with cutting edge technology to help you achieve a beautifully healthy smile.

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general & family dentistry

Cosmetic & restorative solutions

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Safe and quick, these detailed images allow us to diagnose and treat more effectively.

Cone Beam Imaging

With the most advanced imaging process in dentistry, we have unlimited high-quality views of your teeth, face, and neck to provide you with a custom treatment plan.


Using a stream of abrasive particles, we can remove decay and bacteria for healthier teeth.

Intraoral Camera

A small camera that allows us to show you the current condition of individual teeth in high resolution.

Medit Intraoral Scanner

This small video camera allows us to take digital impressions of your entire mouth to help streamline patient care so the results are more accurate and more comfortable.


Using a gentle laser, procedures involving the gum tissues are significantly more comfortable.

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Sedation Dentistry

No matter the reason, dental fear can stop a patient from seeing the dentist and we want your health to be a top priority. It's why we offer sedation dentistry solutions to put our patients at ease, so they can receive the quality dental care they deserve. If you've experienced stress at an office before, let our team know and we can find the best sedation option for you!

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